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 I am Shelley Allsop. The woman behind the camera. I feel like you need to know me so you can know if I am the photographer for you!

My love of photography was born along with our daughter Maya, who’s arrival so fascinated us and besotted older brothers Coen & Liam that I immersed myself in exploring every exquisite detail of the little human who stole our hearts. 

Allsop Photography is a product of my love for our children, and this reflects clearly in my work.. I believe with my whole heart this is what I was meant to do and I am so passionate about it. 

‘I just love capturing those perfect moments that people don’t think to record, those moments that take your breath away. I watched my boys Coen and Liam delight in their new baby sister, and framed their faces and expressions as they enjoyed every little milestone with us. I want that for my clients. That never recurring snapshot, a moment in time.’

There is beauty and perfection in each and every child. I love to capture that. I live to catch the memories you will never get back. The moments you will look back on and smile. I catch the mischievous grins, the sleepy pouts, the looks of wonder and the innocence of childhood. 

‘It’s a precious thing to watch a new family. To see their enchantment and to watch as they breathe in every moment of their new child is a gift to me. My studio is a sanctuary - and I love that my clients feel safe and relaxed here, enjoying their two or three hours away from the real world.’ 

I believe that every family should preserve this time, those memories, the sounds and textures and tiny size of fingers and toes.

‘I’m so thankful I have the images I do of my own children, and I can’t wait to meet you as both a mother and a professional - and talk about doing the same for your family.’

This is what I love... that is what I strive for. If this sounds good, then read on, go through the galleries... I am the photographer for you!
Allsop Photography
13 James Street, Yeppoon. Q 4703