** For safety and privacy of photos. ALL photos are low res and does not sure full quality of images
My number one goal is to keep your baby happy, comfortable safe and content whilst I create unique images that you can display proudly on your walls.

I would like you to prepare to be here for 2-3 hours while we create some beautiful images of your baby. 

Your baby won’t be hurried to fall asleep, nor pushed through a session. I like to ensure your little one is completely relaxed, and the experience is a peaceful one for all – including your older children who are more than welcome to attend.  You have a comfortable area in which to relax while I work away capturing this special moment in time. 

The studio is kept quite warm – to create a snug and cosy environment which encourages your baby to fall into that deep sleep we all so love. 

I have a large range of props on hand and love to hear any ideas you may have in regards to your favourite colour tones. If you have something precious you would like to include, please feel free to bring it along. White noise will play gently in the background to help soothe baby, while lavender scents offer added aromatic relaxation too.